Find out where the next ILG Financial Retirement Strategies workshop is taking place in your area. These workshops are for adults age 50+ with $250,000 or more in investable assets. Click on the events listed below to learn more about each event.

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Retirement Planning Dinner Seminar

How the Impeachment Proceedings, Unrest in the Middle East and the US / China Trade Wars, Could Impact Your Retirement Savings. How might political and economic events shape your financial returns in the future? How much money will you need to save so that you don’t run out? Are your legal documents in order? What happens if they’re not? How can you maximize your benefits and protect your spouse? At what age will you likely need assisted care and how much will it likely cost? What strategies may reduce taxes on your retirement savings and investments? Will your retirement income come up short if the markets drop sometime during your retirement?


IMPORTANT NOTES: Your reservation is NOT confirmed until speaking with an ILG Financial team member

Due to overwhelming demand for these events and very limited seating, we ask that all prospective attendees and their guests consider the following guidelines before submitting a reservation request:

  • These events are designed for individuals ages 55 and above. All attendees should be nearing retirement or currently in retirement.
  • These events are designed for individuals with a minimum of $250,000 in investable assets.
  • These events are designed solely for individuals looking to obtain financial information and or advice.
  • If you have attended in the last 24 months, we ask that you request to be put on the wait list. Our policy is to give preferential seating to first time attendees.
  • If you are a financial advisor or if you are in the financial services industry, we ask that you kindly extend a professional courtesy and not attend.